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Prayers from Heaven for the Child of God Before and During the End Times and the Great Tribulation.
We All can see the signs of the Times, and my Question is “Are You Ready?
God knows what is in store for His Children in the Last Days on Earth!
When the World Order and Other Religions starts to clamp down on the Beloved of the Lord!
And that is the Reason for This Prescription Prayer from Heaven given to me from the Heavens Consulting, Medical Suites and Provision stores.
Note: That if all stops and the World cut’s you off all, supply safety, Medical Aid, Food supply and more.
There is only ONE you can look to for:

  • Keeping You and Your Family Healthy!
  • Healing for the Family!
  • Safety and Protection against fear and Intimidation!
  • Supply on Daily Needs!
  • Problem Solving!
  • Power Generation!
  • Thanks Giving!
  • Comforting!
  • And Many More….
    Please start with these Prayers as soon as Possible and start memorizing them for the End Times. You need to take lead in Keeping your Family Safe, Supplied, Healthy and more.

    This set of 9 Prayers will be your survival kit to survive The End Time Tribulation !
  1. The Power Prayer. (Pray twice a Day)!
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven For Prevention against Illness, sickness and injuries.
    (Pray once a Day)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Healing. (Pray when Ill)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for against Fear and Intimidation. (Pray Daily)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Deliverance. (Pray when Needed)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Freedom of…Problems/Debt and more. (Pray when needed)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven, Please Provide… (Pray Daily)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Comforting.(Pray when needed)
  1. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Thanksgiving. (Pray as often as you can)
  1. Find Attached: Prayer Cards to be use with Prayers.

    Introduction: Come to Heavens medical suite.
    Even we, the modern day Christians, rely on modern medicine practices for healing. Medication or medical aid is a large part of our expenses. When we have a small headache, we run to the medicine cabinet, grab two tablets and swallow it down.
    We spend thousands on doctors, specialists and medical treatments.
    We forget that our Creator, God Almighty was the one that formed and molded us. Our bodies were created by God the Father, and He knows our bodies, mind and spirit better than any human on Earth.
    No, but we run to the local medical suite for every illness and sickness in our bodies.
    Why not consult the Specialists from Heaven. God Almighty – the Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ the Son of God – the one who gave His body to be wounded for our healing. And even the Holy Spirit – The soul and spirit Specialist.
    In 2012, I was infected with a flu and cold virus and this flu turned into bronchitis. At that stage I had no access to any medication or medical treatment. I had no option, but to consult Heaven with a prayer. I prayed “Jesus please help, I’m sick and I have no access to any medial help”.
    After my prayer, God gave me several Bible scriptures and instructed me to take it like medication. I had to read the verses out loud and mention the Chapter, Book and verse number.
    I had to repeat the reading out loud every 4 hours as I would use medication from a doctor’s script. I did it every 4 hours on the minute. Within 12 hours I was already feeling better, and within 24 hours I was totally healed.
    Even an allergy I had for 5 years, was healed, this I only realized a week later. All my sickness and illness was healed.

    God gave me a prescription prayer with medication from Heaven’s medical suite.
    I had to pray and read out 4 main verses before I took the medication verses.
    Lord your word (The Bible) is Health to my whole body.
    Pro 4:20 my son, listen to my words; bow down your ear to my sayings.
    21 Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart.
    22 for they are life to those who find them, and health to all his flesh. God your word (The Bible verses) is very powerful and heals deep into even my bone marrow.
    Heb 4:12 For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
    God, sickness and illnesses are under the curse of the law.
    Deut 28:22 Jehovah shall strike you with lung disease and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew. And they shall pursue you until you perish.
    But God, Jesus redeemed me from this curse of the law.
    Gal 3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, being made a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone having been hanged on a tree”);
    After this I had to pray out loud: “Lord, I take my medication verse by verse into my spirit, into my soul (mind), into my body”
    After this I had to take a list of verses as medication, between 3, 7 or 9 and after every verse I had to say out loud” “Lord I take it, I will have it lord, I believe it will heal me, I thank you Lord for the healing and this medication.”
    I did this every 4 hours and continued for 4 days and even when I was healed at day 2, I continued with God prescription.
    I had to take a combination of scriptures 3 scriptures and sometimes 7 scriptures and at night time up to 9 scriptures. Depending on how I felt.
    3 being the number for Jesus Christ 7 being the number of God the Father
    And 9 being the number for the Holy Spirit
    After this I had to speak to the illness and sickness.
    Speak to your mountain.
    Ezek 6:1 and it happened; the Word of Jehovah came to me, saying, 2 Son of man set your face toward the mountains of Israel and prophesy against them.
    For example: Cold, Flu and fever, leave my body in the healing name of Jesus Christ.
    After the healing: I moved to the Prescription Prayer for Prevention of injuries and illness.
    I take it now daily for prevention against illness and asking God for protection against injuries. These verses are like vitamins and boosters.
    Yes, I did get sick after this, but this was only Satan that tested my new found faith in Heaven’s Medical Team. I now refuse to take any medication for minor illnesses and trust God to protect me against any injuries.
    Ex. 23:25 and you shall serve Jehovah your God and He sha ll bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you.
    26 nothing shall cast their young, nor be barren in your land. The number of your days I will fulfill.

    This was the birth of the Prescription Prayers from Heaven.
    At first the Prescription Prayer for Healing and then the Prescription Prayer for Prevention against sickness, Illness and Injuries And then I received 5 more Prescription Prayers from Heaven’s Medical /
    Consulting suite.
    Including the Power Prayer – as an energy booster
    Remember: the point again.
    Always consult the Specialists from Heaven. Then pray and obey the Prescription from Heaven. The medication verses from the Bible.
    Pray it out loud. Listen to every word of every verse, and give and receive forgiveness against sin. And of upmost importance: have faith in the Trinity.
    If you are a Spirit filled Child of God, living and working in the Kingdom of God. Then you have to go to your local medical rooms for healing. Come to Heaven’s Medical rooms.
    And BE HEALED in the powerful name of JESUS.
    If you can not trust God to heal a small headache, how will you be able to Trust Him for a Major illness or sickness?
    Illness is illness to God; there is no minor or major illness at heaven’s Medical suite.
    When any symptoms of the curse of the law come in your direction, like sickness, illness, debt, financial problems, bondage, lack of something or anything. Take the Prescription Prayers from Heaven. And follow the instructions. Every 4 Hours when it is life threatening, 3 times a day when
    very serious, twice daily when not so serious and once a day against prevention.

    The Steps to this Prescription Prayer
  2. Come to Heaven’s Medical suits and get the Specialists orders.
  3. Get your eyes into the word of God (The Bible).
  4. Read the scriptures out loud, over your situation.
  5. Then speak to your mountain.
  6. Do the manifestation of faith steps. “I take it, I’ll have it, and I believe
    it, thank you LORD.”
  7. Continue daily until the problem resolves.
  8. Then go to the Prescription Prayer for prevention.
  9. Note that things will get even worst, but continue with the prayer –
    it’s only Satan testing your faith.
  10. Coming to Heaven’s medical suite.
  11. Coming to God in the name of Jesus.
  12. Confirm that God is the all knowing God.
  13. Confirm your faith in the Trinity.
  14. Confirm giving and receiving forgiveness.
  15. Read the verses out loud.
  16. Explain your reasons for the prayer.
  17. Take the verses as medication.
  18. Speak to the problem.
  19. Use the Blood of Jesus against the problem.
  20. Thank God for the Healing and Praise and worship Him.
  21. Mention and call out the names of God. For example. God you are “Jehovah Nissi” My God-My Protector.
    God you are “Jehovah Rafha” My God – My Healer.
  22. Confirm, that you will witness to others on the miracle you received from Heaven’s consulting rooms.
    Use these points to construct your own personal prayer or use the prescribed – Prescription Prayers from Heaven.

    Pray these prayers by yourself, or with somebody, even with your family or business partners or to somebody in need of these prayers.
    And do as Jesus instructed.
    Luke 18:1, Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to teach them that they should always pray and never become discouraged.
    Healing Scriptures
    Promises from Heaven’s Medical suite
    Ex 15 v 26
    Ex 23 v 25-26
    Deut 7 v 14-15
    Deut 30 v 19-20
    1 Kings 8 v 56
    Ps 91 v 9-10 & 14-16
    Ps 118 v 17
    Proverbs 4 v 26-24
    Isa 41. V 10
    Jeremiah 1 v 12
    Mark 10 v 27
    Mark 11 v 22-24
    Luke 6 v 19
    Luke 9 v 2
    Act 10 v 38
    2 Co 4 v 18
    Phil 2 v 13
    2 Tim 1 v 7
    Heb 13 v 8
    Outcome of these promises
    Ps 103 v 1-5
    Jer. 17 v 14
    Jer. 30 v 17
    Joel 3 v 10
    Heb 10 v 23
    Heb 10 v 35-36
    Heb 11 v 11
    Heaven’s Medical suite track record
    To only mention a few.
    Ps 107 v 19-21
    Matt 8 v 2-3
    Matt 8 v 16-17
    Matt 15 v 30-31
    Healing facts
    Isa 53 v 4-5
    Gal 3 v 13
    Eph 6 v 10-17
    Phil 4 v 6-9
    Prayer instructions
    Matt 18 v 18-19
    Matt 21 v 21-22
    Mark 9 v 23
    Luke 13 v16
    Luke 18 v 1
    Mark 16 v 14-18
    Rom 8 v 2 & 11
    2 Co 10 v 3-5
    Clarity on Healing
    Act 5 v 16

    Introduction to Prescription Prayers from Heaven.
    These prayers were inspired by the Holy Spirit and were confirmed by the word of God, verses from the Bible. The prayers were formulated from 4 major verses/scriptures in the Bible, Scriptures like “The word bring radiant life to our bodies” and covers needs, bondage, curses and many
    more aspects of our Human life
    These Prayers cover all aspects of a Heavenly Prayer. Like:
  23. Acknowledgement to the Kingdom of God.
  24. Giving and receiving Forgiveness.
  25. The giving and receiving of promises to and from God.
  26. Faith, without doubting and acknowledgement of receipt and thanksgiving before receiving.
  27. Praise and worship the Trinity.
  28. Manifestation of Faith – Faith in action.
  29. Confirming the acceptance of God’s will.
  30. Releasing the power from Heaven and the cross in all its aspects of your life.
  31. Standing on all the promises from God’s word, as given in the Bible.
  32. Confirming the character of God and Jesus to you.
  33. Bring and give thanksgiving and witness of testimony to others.
  34. Combining Theology and Psychology in a prayer, to build Hope, Faith and love, and the biggest of the 3 Love.
  35. Knowing that these prayers are anointed with oil. The oil = The Blood of Jesus and the Power of Fire of the Holy Spirit.
    The theme of these 8 Prayers from Heaven in this collection is based on the scripture in James 5 verses 15-18.
    James 5:13 is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any cheerful? Let him sing psalms.
    14 Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.
    15 And the prayer of faith will cure the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up. And if he has committed sins, it will be forgiven him.

    16 Confess faults to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous one avails much.
    17 Elijah was a man of like passion as we are. And he prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for the time of three years and six months.
    18 And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth caused its fruit to sprout.
    Themes like Godly power release, healing, prevention against illness, sickness and injuries, protection, deliverance, freedom from bondage and curse, providing in all needs and very important comfort to a broken heart.
    Two of these prayers are centered on healing of body and mind. Faith is manifested by the intake of fluids like, water or juice.
    Can be taken or given in Hope, with Faith, in love.
  36. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Healing.
  37. And The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for prevention against Illness, sickness and injuries.
    4 of the 8 Prayers come with prayer cards that can be taken or given in Hope, with Faith, in love.
    Cards taken / given as a manifestation of Faith.
  38. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Deliverance.
    The person that prays this prayer takes the cards and places them around him or her one by one as a protective ring. As soon as this protective ring is completed, the person will receive total peace and
  39. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven against Fear and intimidation

    This is the only prayer that can not be taken only given by somebody to somebody in need of deliverance. The prayer giver then places the prayer cards around the receiver one by one as a deliverance ring around the candidate.

    As the ring closes up around the one with the bondage or curse on his or her life, the bondage or curse will feel blocked in and will manifest or just leave the spirit of the prayer receiver. (This is one of two prayers that is very powerful and comes with a usage warning).
  40. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Freedom of…
    The Freedom cards get placed around the problem, just as the Israelite’s marched around Jericho. The problem will fall, pray this prayer once for six days and seven times on day seven. Any problem,
    for example: Freedom from Debt, labor problems, financial problems, legal and any battle your find yourself in. Place the prayer cards in a ring around the documentation related to the problem and leave it there until tomorrow’s prayer, replace the cards every time you pray this prayer.
  41. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven, Please supply.
    Provision on all your needs, this prayer cards get taken and placed at the source of the problem. If it is a need for finances, place the cards in your wallet or bank book, if it is a need for food; place the cards in your cupboards. If it is an emotional need, place the cards in your pocket or Bible. Pray this prayer often and repeat the actions daily until God supplied.
    These manifestations may sound childish to you, but Jesus stated in Mark 10 verse 15
    Truly I say to you, whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter into it.
    And in Matt 19 verse 13 to 15 But Jesus said, allow the little children to come to me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
    God wants to see faith like a child or some measure of faith, and this is a very effective way to build faith in you and show faith to God.
    Then there is one more prayer where cards are used- but only as Bible book marks.
  42. The Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Comforting.
    Place the book marks in your Bible at the relevant verses as per the prayer letters, and when you take the scriptures open the Bible at the specific verse and hold the open Bible to your chest, letting the word of God heal deep within your Broken Heart.
  43. The Power Prayer.
    This prayer has no manifestation actions, but has to be prayed with dynamic emphasis.
    To boost your body, mind and spirit An uplifting prayer and can be prayed as often as you want or feel like it.
    7 of the 9 prayers can be taken in Hope, with Faith, in love.
    1 Co 13 verse 13
    And 2 of the 9 prayers can be given or prayed for somebody in need of healing and deliverance.
    Make these prayers part of your daily spiritual preparations and the more you pray these prayers, the more you will build on Hope, faith and love.
    Please note. That these prayers do not replace your daily prayer life or conversations with God that personal prayer contact between you and the Trinity. This time of personal meetings is very important, when you have a two way communication with Heaven. Yes, let Heaven speak to you too,
    please see the Chapter in my book “ I love you THIS much” with the title,
    “How do you determine My Will” in this book you will learn how to determine God’s will and how does He and the rest of the Trinity speak to you while in communication in prayer.
    Naturally these and your normal prayers require some measure of discipline, faith, no doubt and endurance in prayer.
    “Pray without giving up” Luke 18 verse 1. And know the phone number and “identity” call off Heaven “JEREMIAH 33.3”.

    Come to Heaven’s ATM and withdraw for you and for your loved one, Deliverance, healing, prevention against illness, sickness and injuries, freedom from bondage and curses, providence in all your needs, Protection, comforting and daily power refill.
    All these provided to you from Heaven, in Hope, with Faith, in love from God the Almighty, Jesus Christ the son of God, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus, saves, heals and protects.
    God is Love and goodness, all the time!
    The Holy Spirit, uplifts, comforts and encourage.
    But two of these prayers, come with a measure of warning.
    Remember that Satan, his demons and his followers will do every thing possible for you not to pray these prayers. That the reason for discipline and a prayer endurance.
    The warning: on the Prescription Prayer for prevention against illness, sickness and injuries. When my family and I started praying this prayer, we realized that this is a very powerful prayer. That very day we started praying this prayer, we become ill with the flu and cold virus. (This was Satan that
    come and tested our faith or maybe to try to discourage us in continuing with this prayer). We persisted in prayer, but to reward him, we moved to a more powerful prayer. We started praying the Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Healing.
    And we prayed this prayer every 4 hours, as if we will when we follow a Doctor’s prescription for modern medicine. We started feeling better after 12 hours and after 24 hours we had no more symptoms of the flu and cold virus.

    At the Prescription Prayer from Heaven for Deliverance
    This prayer can initiate aggression from the person that will be prayed for.
    Not by the person him or herself but from the bondage or curse within them. As soon as the demon, bondage or curse feels blocked in, there may be a manifestation of anger and aggression. This will happen when the prayer cards for DELIVERANCE are placed around the prayer receiver. And
    normally when you get to the ANCE of the cards, this manifestation will appear.
    You as the prayer giver must not be intimidated by this; continue praying and placing the cards until the full circle is completed, the bondage and curse will flee before the circle is completed, other people praying with you can plea the Blood of Jesus at this point.
    Remember that the Blood of Jesus is the ultimate protection in the Universe. And just for safety, anoint all present with oil = The Blood of Jesus and the Fire of the Holy Spirit.
    Take the Victory over bondage and curses. The enemy will flee!
    Please find one or a few of these powerful prayers from Heaven attached.
    And with the relevant prayer cards attached that can be printed, cut out and laminated for daily use.
    The Trinity from Heaven still heals, delivers, protects, set free, supplies,
    comforts and power our body, mind and spirit.
    The lord will bless you if you persist in prayer.
    Please send me your witness on what these prayers changed for you in your life.

Please note : That these Prescription Prayers will only be effective and bring results when:

  1. You rebuild your relationship with the Trinity.
  2. Give and ask forgiveness, giving forgiveness to all your trespassers, and really mean it.
  3. Belief in the Trinity and their abilities.
  4. Belief that the Bible is the active Word of God.
  5. Have faith like a child, when doing the action of the manifesting.
  6. Thanking the Trinity for all blessings, as if you received it already.
  7. Showing faith, by confirming receipt.
  8. Using the Character or names of the Lord, to praise and worship the Creator.
  9. Making dead certain, that you fore fill your promises to the Lord. For example. I will witness to others.
  10. Knowing that even when the answer is “NO”, you will be Comforted by the Holy Spirit
  11. Confirm that you will actually accept the Will of God.
  12. Endure in persistence and have prayer discipline.
    Follow the orders of the Prescription from Heaven, even if it does sound
    a. Pray the Prayer out loud to yourself, or to anybody in need of the prayer, do not be ashamed of God. This is part of being a witness to others.
    b. Keep on following the action of manifesting, even when the answers does not come like you want it to be answered, remember our time, is not Gods time! He will not be late!
    c. Stay humble in prayer and don’t be afraid to show emotion while praying, “Tears” is the language of Heaven.
    d. There are some words that get repeated, but this is to build your faith. And a part of Psychology, for you to believe in what your praying.
    e. Pray, Have Faith, no not doubt and you will receive. This is the 4 actions this prayer is build on.

    Jesus stated in Matt 6 v 8
    “Your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him.”
    But the keyword is “Ask Him” in prayer, with faith, do not doubt and receive.
    The secret of effective prayer according to Jesus in Matt 7 v 7 to 11
    Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.
    For each one who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, it shall be opened.
    Or what man is there of you, if his son asks a loaf, will he give him a stone?
    Or if he asks a fish, will he give him a snake?
    If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him?
    The warning from James 4 v 2-3 is now covered
    You have not because you ask not. You ask and receive not, because you ask amiss, You can now ask correctly!
    Pray these prayers, ask God and you will receive! Worry about nothing – Pray about everything!

Prayers from Heaven for The Child of God Before and During The End Times and The Great Tribulation.
Written By Pastor. Dirk from TruLight Ministries under inspiration by the Holy Spirit